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Florida Insurance QuotesIt’s more difficult than you might imagine finding the best rates on Florida insurance. Why?

According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation there are more than 800 Florida insurance companies authorized to do business in the sunshine State. How long would it take you to obtain hundreds of Florida insurance quotes? Likely it’s more time than you are willing to spend.

The agents at Pathway Insurance can help you find the best Florida insurance rates.

Pathway Insurance Services Inc. is a leading independent insurance agency located in Florida and offering competitive insurance rates on home, car, business,and life insurance in a number of states. Our network of insurance agents and Florida insurance companies are willing to bid on your insurance business saving you time and most importantly, money.

You no longer need to invest hours of your valuable time looking for the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida.

If you need Florida Auto Insurance, Florida Home Insurance, Florida Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Flood Insurance, or Florida Boat Insurance we can help.

Don’t Be Fooled by Television Advertising

Just because a company advertises cheap rates on Florida insurance by means of television commercials doesn’t necessarily mean they have the cheapest Florida insurance rates. In fact, advertising adds to the price that you pay for your insurance. So in other words you might find better rates on Florida insurance by companies who do not advertise!

Florida Home Insurance is Challenging

To state that purchasing Florida home insurance is challenging would be an understatement.  There are three different challenges that you face as you search for Florida Home Insurance.

The first challenge is to find affordable Florida home insurance.  If you live anywhere near the water low cost rates are simply not available.

While it is certainly true there are more companies offering property insurance in Florida today, prices have not decreased but have gone up.

The second challenge is making sure that you do not fall victim to bait and switch home insurance price quoting. Because pricing is such an issue property owners in Florida are constantly shopping for different insurance rates.

Depending on the age of your home there may be inspections that will need to be ordered, and if this inspections are not completed first and you purchase an insurance policy based on a price quote given to you over the phone by an agent you should be aware that you may receive a significant rate increase after your homeowner’s inspection is completed!

The third challenge is that Florida property insurance coverage is now sold à la carte and that essentially means there can be large gaps in your insurance coverage.  For instance please review typical gaps or limitations in insurance protection that you may not be aware of until a claim occurs:

  • Property insurance coverage is based on actual cash value
  • You have the water damage deductible
  • Ordinance and Law coverage is missing from your property insurance
  • Your home insurance policy excludes sinkhole damage
  • When unoccupied for two months or longer a water damage exclusion is placed on your policy
  • Your Florida home insurance policy includes a screen coverage exclusion over your pool

It’s vital to work with an agency skilled in providing the home insurance protection you need.

How Can You Find Affordable Florida Insurance?

The Web Insurance Network and Pathway Insurance can help you find local Florida insurance agents who can help you find the Florida insurance coverage that you need.

Contact the following Florida agents in the following areas when searching for:

Call Pathway Insurance today at 1-800-998-0662 to receive a Florida insurance quote from top rated companies in your area or click on the above links for agents in your area.